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Westwood Kid. I'm like nothing you have ever experienced before. There's lots of gadget stuff, photos of pretty girls, cool clothes, cars, you know Guy Stuff... I have only one speed... bulldozer. This is where I stop to show off some flowers.

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1. I am a perfectionist, & perfection is found in details. Sometimes I may leave a lot undone, but that which is done is wonderful.

2. I enjoy the feeling of defeat, I am very competitive and for one to oust me shows that some people still care.

3. I enjoy putting things together and learning about others by taking them apart.

4. I love subtlety and straight lines and dark colors.

5. I hate when people ask questions that they could answer on their own.

6. My favorite toppings on any type of pizza or sandwich are pineapple, feta & jalapenos.

7. I’m a dog person. I’ve had 3, a pitbull, golden retriever, and a poodle.

8. My favorite drink is a tanqueray & sprite.

9. I have the tendency to become addicted to the things i like.

10. I’m an amateur horticulturalist, I grow papayas, avocados, nisperos, and sour oranges.

11. I don’t wear pink.

12. I’m willing to try practically anything once.

13. My dream job is to be an Art Gallery Curator.

14. I’ve played hockey since I was 10 years old.

15. I have a list of times and dates of where I’ve been to travel through time safely.

16. I can’t for the life of me understand people.

17. I would like to take a vow of silence for like a week.

18. I’d like to inspire to get paid for my photographs.

19. I hate the pattern my hair goes in.

20. I don’t believe in iphone screen covers.

21. I’m the only person in his family that does not need spectacles.

22. I can not take anything deathly serious.

23. I would like to learn how to bake.

24. I know too many people and I don’t know enough people.

25. I will never settle for much in life.

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How are you going to have 30 people waiting and only have one fucking couch?

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Sign me up to be a Robertson.  Their serious next gen video game trailer.