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Photo Processing - Hockey Hustling

Westwood Kid. I'm like nothing you have ever experienced before. There's lots of gadget stuff, photos of pretty girls, cool clothes, cars, you know Guy Stuff... I have only one speed... bulldozer. This is where I stop to show off some flowers.

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I would not choose the island over her…

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Cherokee - Don’t Matter

The upbeat emo track for the summer.

Miami Horror - Real Slow

Jam to dis.

The moment my camera crapped out on me, I lost over 200 photos from my travels in the North of Amsterdam, all of Brussels, and most of my trip to the Louvre in Paris.  It motivated me to write a detailed exposition of my journey, at least that way I could remind myself with a different median.  I don’t know if I’ll ever pick up my camera again.

Watching grandparents do their thing. He knows he runs this house. Haha