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Westwood Kid. I'm like nothing you have ever experienced before. There's lots of gadget stuff, photos of pretty girls, cool clothes, cars, you know Guy Stuff... I have only one speed... bulldozer. This is where I stop to show off some flowers.

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Watching grandparents do their thing. He knows he runs this house. Haha

Today I visited the land of the dead.

Happy Bastille Day! Early morning trip to the Louvre followed by seeing all the armies of France parading through the streets.

Here’s the waffle I ate in Brussels.

Saw everything. Now I’m off to Paris.

Took me a while to get my bearings, but I got to visit the Delirium Cafe. Tomorrow I must have a waffle, some mussels & of course chocolate!

I miss Amsterdam. Brussels is not afraid to show it’s sketchiness.